Touching Encounter: Loyal Dog Comforts and Bonds with Boy with Down Syndrome, Inspiring Admiration .ng

Everyone calls them best friends, but they are more than that. Always kind and gentle, dogs are capable of doing things we can imagine. The dog’s selfless nature was once again shown to the world in one of the most emotional encounters between a human and a puppy.

In a very touching video, a friendly Labrador Retriever approached a boy with Down syndrome. The fur angels tried to comfort the lonely child and befriend him. The moment that made everyone shed tears.

Due to his condition, Herman – a 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome from Buenos Aires, Argentina, avoids physical contact with others. Unfortunately, other kids his age are ignoring him as well.

But the sweetest act of kindness didn’t come from a person of his kind, but a dog. A lovely Himalayan laboratory man who had clear intentions from the start gave this little human all her love and kindness.

What’s interesting, however, is the way the Himalayas approach tiny Herman. The gentle dog immediately recognized the abnormally shy boy, and he needed some special attention, so she was carefully trying to reach his heart. The boy’s response shows that no one can resist a dog’s affection; not even a single person can avoid physical actions at any cost.

The emotional moment was captured on camera by Herman’s mother. The mother explained: “Hernan is slightly withdrawn and avoids physical contact. “She doesn’t like to be touched, but the Himalaya [dog] insists very patiently, and she is so soft, that’s why it’s so moving, she’s left to do anything.”